This Week in WTF: Babies, Birth Control and a Headache

I’ve been feeling bitchier than usual this week so forgive me if my reaction to some of the WTF that I’ve seen is…well…bitchy. I suspect the heat is to blame. This weather makes me want to kick a climate change denier in the nuts.  Anyway, without further ado, the top WTF stories to cause me to froth at the mouth:

Gramma Palin: Sarah Palin is going to be a grandmother again! This is really joyous news. Babies are lovely and the eldest Palin child Track and his pretty wife should be thrilled to be expecting. The fact that pictures of the mom-to-be look a little like she was expecting this baby before the wedding bells pealed for them is not really our business. It only becomes noteworthy because of Track’s mother’s history of condemning sex education and access to abortion and birth control. The former governor’s steadfast insistence that sex is a special hug that should only happen between married people is patently ridiculous since rumor is that Sarah’s mother was pregnant before she got married, Sarah herself is said to have been was pregnant before she got married, and two of Sarah’s children have been involved in pregnancies that began without benefit of wedlock. It’s time Sarah found some balls and got up in front of America and admitted that everything to do with sex, pregnancy, and birth are complicated personal decisions and no one, not even a former governor with fancy hair, has the right to say what’s absolutely right and absolutely wrong.  Maybe she can borrow those balls from Bristol who is said to have recently done an interview where she says that very thing. Rock on Bristol. You’re a better woman than your mother.

Speaking of Birth Control: For those of us who don’t take a Palin-esque view of contraception and, you know, use it, the news that a panel recommended that prescription forms of hormone based birth control be covered 100% by insurers with no cost sharing by patients under the new preventative service provisions of the Affordable Care Act sounds great. No more co-pays for the Pill! Woohoo! Since the CDC estimates that half of US pregnancies are unintended and barriers to access to reliable birth control is one significant factor, making birth control more available, at lower cost sounds like a no-brainer. Right? Wrong. Freaked out religious folks who claim that birth control, specifically the Pill and emergency contraception, is really abortion don’t want to pay for it with their precious tax dollars. Yeah, well, I didn’t want to pay for the war in Afghanistan that killed two friends of mine. So, fuck you. You don’t get to like everything. Besides, I bet more than half of the people who object to this sort of policy have a private insurance plan that covers contraception AND abortion services so they can get right off their high horses and suck on the fact that they’ve paid for Depo-Provera or Plan B at least once already.

Not Tonight I Have a Headache: A former Michele Bachmann staffer says she has bad migraines. The media is flipping out. Her ability to govern is being called into question because she has…migraines. She’s missed Congressional votes for…migraines. You know what? Members of Congress miss votes because they’re in  meetings raising campaign funds.  It happens. Migraines are not a big deal.  If she was hearing voices and speaking in tongues on the House floor, then we’d have an issue. This is the same kind of limited thinking that led FDR to hide his wheelchair from the American people. And I daresay it’s only one step from someone asking if a woman can be President because of menstrual cramps. Everyone needs to shut up and criticize Michele Bachmann on her policy positions instead of this drivel because I don’t like defending her. Ok? Ok.

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7 comments for “This Week in WTF: Babies, Birth Control and a Headache

  1. July 21, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    I really have nothing else to add except A-Fucking-Men

  2. July 21, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    LOVE. #thatisall

  3. July 21, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Yeah, what you said. On all three subjects. Thanks

  4. July 24, 2011 at 11:09 am

    Ditto man. I couldn’t add a thing to this well written response to the ever growing list of WTF going on. Except that I gag a little at defending Bachmann for anything.

  5. July 28, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    Wanna run for office? You’s got my vote!

  6. July 28, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    I don’t even know why I come here. We agree on just about everything.

  7. Kelly L
    August 17, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    So, if my my great grandma was a thief and my grandma was a thief, I should have no standing to try to set a standard against robbery? I hope, for your children’s sakes, your family members never lied. Good luck with parenting non-felons with that exclusive philosophy.

    Just because idiots before us did something wrong (or we did something wrong), does not mean we cannot speak against it.

    Also, you get to boo hoo the war and the fact that your tax dollars paid for the war (and ignore the fact we have thwarted attacks on America because of it AND you beloved Obama condones it), but people with similar moral objections about killing babies in the womb get an FU? Completely high school. Discuss the merits or do not discuss it at all unless you are speaking to sheep.

    Going back to the first point, just because I may have paid for something crappy (Depro-provera or Plan B), does not make me relent and think “Oh, well, might as well pay for more perversion of righteousness.”

    I know progressives LOVE that slippery slope (above), but I will remain opposed to it till the end of the earth. Mostly because whether I believe in Him or not, all my actions will be accountable to Him (clearly my alliance is to God).

    I have read your posts before although I am UNliberal (again, clearly). But you have had much more witty and less ridiculous posts before (as a whole). This kind of crap led to right wingers attacking Bill Clinton even when he was agreeing with the Republican Congress, passing everything they did and helping our country.

    This blind hatred will help no one and will only continue to wound the spewers hearts and the heart of our country as well as distance true thinkers from your view.

    Only preaching to a proverbial choir will get you an “Amen” on this one.

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