More Deep Thoughts

Sometimes I have little ideas that don’t amount to a whole post on their own. I like to save them up and present them all at once so you all can be bothered by the same passel of half-baked ideas that plague me. You’re welcome!


If “our grandchildren” can’t afford to pay for PBS because doing so will increase the deficit so much, how can they afford to pay for a no fly zone over Libya?

Whatever happened to those Cadbury ads with the clucking bunny? Those were so great.

What kind of name is Caillou?

Does anyone ever watch Toddlers and Tiaras and think “Yes! I’m going to sign my kid up for one of those pageants right now because they look awesome!”? Or does everyone watch it to feel better about their own parenting?

There is a lot of talk about how our nation used to rank much higher globally in education. If we want to regain that standing, why don’t we look at education policy and programs from that period and recreate them? If they worked then, why won’t they work now?

Do you think they’ll ever make a Real Housewives of Tulsa?

My sister has been a member of teacher’s unions in two different states and, as such, paid into only the state teacher’s pension fund. That exempted her from Social Security taxes. I don’t think she ever had a 401(k) plan through her employers. If that’s true of most state employee union agreements then all the state employee unions who are trying to preserve their pensions right now are doing it because the pension is likely their only source of retirement savings. Why isn’t the media explaining that?

I think scientists need to get to work on inventing a basketball shoe that doesn’t make an awful squeaking noise when it rubs on the floor of the court. That noise is a primary reason that I don’t like basketball.

How do you think Charlie Sheen’s mother feels about all the jokes at his expense right now?

If there was a higher being who controlled everything and wanted us all to be the same religion, how come we’re not all automatically the same religion?

Don’t you think it’s kind of awesome that the 18th Amendment establishment Prohibition but the 21st Amendment repealed it? Its like college: at 18 you aren’t allowed to drink but do it anyway and then at 21 it’s finally legal.

I wouldn’t be sad if men started shaving their armpits.

I know lots of people worry about “their” tax dollars funding abortions but those same people don’t seem to be as upset about the fact their insurance premium dollars pay for abortions, given that most insurers cover abortion.

Who put the ram in the ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong?

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13 comments for “More Deep Thoughts

  1. March 8, 2011 at 8:24 am

    It’s so true! If we were all meant to be the same religion, there would only be one religion. What a great view! I would like all of the religious extremist to read that comment!

    And, just for the record, I think Real Housewives of Tulsa would rock. They’d be getting all “Oklahoma” on each other all the time!

  2. March 8, 2011 at 9:23 am

    I love your brain. Also, I saw one of the cadbury egg commercials this weekend! They’re coming back!! And thirdly, don’t reach too far into the past education policy … you’ll have a bunch of crazy people saying integration is the primary problem with schools.

  3. March 8, 2011 at 9:59 am

    why on earth can’t beer and wine be sold in grocery stores in this state?!?!?!?!?!?!?! why force us to go to TWO separate stores!?!?!?!

  4. Laura
    March 8, 2011 at 10:17 am

    I saw the Cadbury commercial the other day!
    And you’re spot on about Toddlers & Tiaras. Who doesn’t feel like Mom of the Year after watching that? For the same reason I watch Hoarders, it makes me feel better about my toy cluttered living room.

    On a side note, Happy International Womens Day!

  5. Donkeys to College
    March 8, 2011 at 10:17 am

    These are the kind of things that rattle around my head all the time!!!

    You are so smart to save them all up and then just trouble us with them. Brilliant idea!

  6. March 8, 2011 at 10:49 am

    AND – who wrote the book of love?

  7. Erica Snipes
    March 8, 2011 at 11:04 am

    :-). I read your blog not to just to nod in agreement with what you have to say, but also to find LawMomma’s comments and agree with her as well! 🙂 Also, very good points about the state teacher’s pension, and the insurance dollars covering abortions. I guess we have to improve that education system so that we are taught to connect the dots more, and think creatively about what reality actually is. You think you’re posting a cute blog today about thoughts you’ve had over a period of time, but really some of these are important issues that are ripe for a larger discussion. Although a post about who put the ram in ram a lam a ding dong might not be all that important, sorry to say! Ha ha!

  8. Shelley
    March 8, 2011 at 11:14 am

    How come a dime is smaller than a penny and a nickel but it’s worth more?

    Why make a penny if it costs more than a penny to produce it?

    How come I don’t have Tiger Blood like Charlie Sheen?

    Is Kody Brown’s 15 minutes of fame over? If it is, I’m sad since I liked watching the train-wreck show.

    Why is there a second season of Gold Rush Alaska? They didn’t find gold in the first season so no one cares anymore.

    Why does Discovery think that anyone wants to watch a bunch of gruffy men cut down trees over and over and over again? Seriously, it’s the same crap happening in each episode.

  9. March 8, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    I won’t watch TLC any more. 😛

    I love the insurance one. Tee hee.

  10. amy
    March 8, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    “I love you more than I love my luggage” you know that though. Also why does insurance pay for viagra but picks and chooses what type of birth control pill it will cover..This after I came back from getting my 3 month pill package and suffer from sticker shock of $200.00 bill.
    Why are we so infactuated with the trainwreck of Charlie Sheen…
    WHy did Maria Carey spend so much money on baby showers…oh wait everything was comped…only celebs..
    Why are the Kardashians still around…
    I can go on.

  11. March 8, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    I love all of these, but especially the ones about pensions, abortions, and prohibition. The first two because people are selfish and assume everything revolves around their own life/perceived hardships (Why should IIIIIIIIIIiiiiii have to pay for someone else to dddddoooOOOoooooo somethiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg), and the prohibition one because I’ve never actually thought about that before, but it makes an AWESOME mnemonic device!

  12. Christina S.
    March 8, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    Actually… you would be surprised how much old school oil money is in Tulsa. There are some mega rich folks there.

  13. March 8, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    random…yes. brilliant…possibly!

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