Super Bowl Smackdown

Wouldn’t it have been awesome if E! had run a special during the Superbowl with Kendra from the Girls Next Door and Kim Kardashian from Keeping Up With The Kardashians sitting next to each other while their husband/boyfriend played against each other on the field? I bet there would have been combat.  Nails broken, hair extensions pulled out, false eyelashes everywhere.  Other Playmates would have rushed to defend Kendra’s honor while the whole Kardashian cabal would have jumped in it for Kim.  There might have even been a cage match between Bruce Jenner and Hef.  My money’s totally on Hef.  Bruce Jenner is whiiiipppped by the women in his life.  He’d cave to Hef in a minute.  Then Kim could leave Reggie to go live with Hef in the Mansion and it would be the ultimate celebrity-reality crossover show.  We could call it Keeping Up With Kim Nekkid in the Grotto.

Instead we just get this drivel:

Kendra Wilkinson: Why I Cried After the Superbowl
Kim Kardashian: Reggie Waited His Whole Life to Win the Superbowl

P.S. Kendra?  Honey?  If you don’t want the paparazzi in your baby’s face?  Don’t Twitter your silly ass off about how you’re bringing him to the Superbowl in his custom jersey and sound-dampening earphones and who knows what other shit.  ‘K?

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