This Week in WTF

Redhead with messy hair covering her face with hands

Redhead with messy hair covering her face with hands

Congratulations! We have all survived another week in Trump’s America. Hooray for us! I know we have all be resisting as much as our little heats can resist and you should pat yourself on the back for that. We are the thing that continues to make a difference. It’s not Robert Mueller, although those indictments on Monday were pretty fun, huh? I love bad guys getting what they deserve. Makes me happy. But it’s the ongoing advocacy of regular folks like us that will make the biggest difference as time goes on so look in the mirror and know that you’re a badass.

Anyway, there was a more to this week than just Mueller time so let’s look at some highlights on This Week in WTF.

The Good: Yesterday, Donald Trump’s Twitter account vanished for 11 minutes. People who tried to look at his feed during that time were shown a message saying that the account just didn’t exist. Twitter eventually restored his account and told us that the problem was the result of “human error”.  Later, they confessed that it had actually be a deliberate action committed by a Twitter employee on their last day. And the internet went wild! That twitter employee is the hero we need! No word on who that mystery vigilante for global justice is but as soon as I find out their name, I will be submitting it to the Nobel peace Prize committee.

The Bad: Congress rolled out its tax plan this week and it sucks. It just sucks. Do you deduct student loan payments? The new plan eliminates that. What about deducting medical expenses? Gone. State and local income tax payments? Yeah, no more deductions for those. And the mortgage interest deduction stays for people who already own houses but there will be caps on deductions for new purchasers. But hey! They’re repealing the estate tax so Don Jr. and Ivanka won’t have to pay any taxes on Daddy’s gold toilet after he dies. So that’s awesome. For them. Not for the middle class.

The Ugly: More and more men keep getting outed as sexual abusers. This week we heard allegations that actor Kevin Spacey attempted to assault a young man and actor Dustin Hoffman made inappropriate sexual comments to women. Also, an editor at NPR stepped down in light of allegations of sexual harassment in several workplaces over the course of many years. The White House, well known for its propensity for pointing out the flaws of other people, has responded to this epidemic of sexual abuse of women by…attacking Hillary Clinton. To be fair, the White House attacks on Clinton aren’t actually related to the general air of rapey-ness in America. In fact the White House is notably silent on the issue of sexual harassment, probably at the advice of counsel due to the President’s known history of sexually harassing women. But Trump is more than happy to suggest Hillary Clinton is a criminal for joining with 8 other Cabinet secretaries and President Obama to approve a uranium sale to Russia seven years ago. He wants the DoJ and FBI to investigate her. Not any of the other Cabinet secretaries who voted for this sale. Just her.

I know. I can’t even.

So that’s it. The good, the bad and the ugly. I’m sure next week will bring more bizarre behavior out of Washington. Just keep resisting and dreaming of the day when Trump loses Twitter for good.

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