Obamacare Open Enrollment 2017

contact-facebookHi, hey, hello, how are you all? Did you enjoy Mueller Monday this week? How about that guilty plea from that Papadoplous guy? Think he’s cooperating with the investigation? Yeah, cool, cool, cool. And Halloween…did you have fun on Halloween? Best costume I saw was a 4 year old dressed in a uniform from A League Of Their Own. So cute. I love Halloween.

But none of that matters right now. Because today is November 1, 2017. This is a big day. Why? So glad you asked. Today is the first day of open enrollment for the Obamacare marketplaces. If you need health insurance and want to apply for subsidies to help you pay for it or if you need to renew your existing marketplace plan, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!

Only here’s the thing. Trump is a giant fucking asswipe and he’s cut the enrollment period in half this year. You only have until December 15, 2017 to get a marketplace plan and subsidies. And Trump is also a malevolent sack of douche who cut advertising and support budget for enrollment so millions of people aren’t hearing about the new deadlines.

What the fuck, right?

Well, this is where we come in. If you have a social media account, if you have a blog, if you post to YouTube, if you are on any listservs or Google groups, you can spread the word about open enrollment. In fact, you SHOULD spread the word about open enrollment. You should do it because it’s the right thing to do an also because it would chap Trump’s orange ass if enrollment stayed stable or increased despite all his efforts to undermine Obamacare.

You want to chap Trump’s ass, right? Of course you do!

So. Copy and paste these links and start sharing them all over the damn place. Then bookmark this post so you can come back and find the links again next week and share them again. And the following week. And the week after that. And…you see where I’m going with this? Right.

We can do this. Help your friends and neighbors get covered for 2018! Spread the word!

HealthCare.gov for the federal marketplace.

State marketplace links for states that do their own.

Get America Covered for information on spreading the word and downloadable flyers and graphics to share.

Let’s do this, folks. We’re still stronger together.


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