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Pour One Out For The Mooch. Raise A Glass For The First Amendment.


But the colorful language and sloppy handling of protocols for talking to the press is really a sideshow here. That sort of thing is almost lovable in its buffoonery. No, the real issue here is that the Mooch was acting as a foot soldier in the on-going Trump administration war on the press.

My Obamacare Story


In 2003, I was completing graduate school in Ohio and moving back to Maryland for a new job. One of my concerns in relocating was health insurance. I had been on the student health plan at my university, so I…

Open-Carry Hate

Racism sign

A friend of mine said something yesterday that snapped my head back a little. She reminded me that white/straight/male supremacy has been the rule, not the exception, for most of American history. It’s the past eight years that have been…

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