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This Week in WTF

Redhead with messy hair covering her face with hands

Congratulations! We have all survived another week in Trump’s America. Hooray for us! I know we have all be resisting as much as our little heats can resist and you should pat yourself on the back for that. We are…

Most 2017 Halloween Costumes

halloween-pumpkin-carving-face copy

Tomorrow is Halloween! And for many of us, Halloween means costumes. It also often means procrastination on making costumes. To help with you last-minute costume panic, I have come up with this list of costumes that require very little effort but combine…

Pour One Out For The Mooch. Raise A Glass For The First Amendment.


But the colorful language and sloppy handling of protocols for talking to the press is really a sideshow here. That sort of thing is almost lovable in its buffoonery. No, the real issue here is that the Mooch was acting as a foot soldier in the on-going Trump administration war on the press.

My Obamacare Story


In 2003, I was completing graduate school in Ohio and moving back to Maryland for a new job. One of my concerns in relocating was health insurance. I had been on the student health plan at my university, so I…

Open-Carry Hate

Racism sign

A friend of mine said something yesterday that snapped my head back a little. She reminded me that white/straight/male supremacy has been the rule, not the exception, for most of American history. It’s the past eight years that have been…

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