Hi! I’m Still Here! Really! Plus Carlos Danger!

Oh, lord y’all. Summer, amirite? Kids everywhere, wet towels, damn squirrels eating my tomatoes. It’s a madhouse.

I know exactly how much I suck at keeping this space filled lately. There’s plenty I have to say but everything else is getting in the way of making time to say it. Unfortunately for you, all the “everything else” is appealing to me more than ranting in cyberspace. I’ve got house and yard projects going on, vacations to plan, and kids to play with before school starts next month. I’m doing all of that instead of writing here.

Come September, I’ll get back on the bloggy horse and post regular original content here. Until then, I’m linkbaiting yet again. Today, I’m at The Broad Side suggesting that maybe, just maybe, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s marriage is none of our business:

Here’s what we know about them: they are married, they are/were politically powerful, they have a baby, he has a propensity for sex-tweeting strangers. That’s it. That’s all we know.

Here’s what we don’t know: what their sex life is like, what their kinks are, what turns them each on, how they respond to each other’s kinks, what the sexual rules of their marriage are, who’s allowed to do what with whom according to those rules, how either of them feel about each other’s kinks.

For all we know, Huma thinks sexting strangers is exciting. For all we know, the two of them would actually enjoy something more daring and the Tweeting is as far as they’re willing to go for fear of more damage to their careers. For all we know, the only thing Huma’s upset about is the publicizing of a shared kink.

We don’t know. So we can’t really judge. And we shouldn’t sound off about how they should conduct their marriage going forward.

Red the whole post at The Broad Side and happy summer!

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