New at The Broad Side: Sarah Palin’s Commencement Advice is All Wrong

I saw this Palin graphic with her commencement advice to young people. I don’t know if she actually gave a speech or if she’s just doing snappy graphics with stock photos of past appearances. I don’t actually care if she’s speaking in public these days. Not much that she does has any impact on my life because she’s pretty inconsequential. But for some reason the little quip on this graphic got under my skin. Probably because it reveals what a greedy, selfish cow she is. Anyway, here’s the graphic:

Palin derp


Make a buck. Because money is the ultimate goal. Nothing about making a positive impact on humanity. Just go get rich.

I went off at length on this ridiculous soundbyte at The Broad Side today:

There are times when I see the pursuit of wealth for the sake of wealth and it makes me feel like our society has gone off the rails. When did the pursuit of wealth become a virtue? Since when is being rich a peak achievement? It just seems like a hollow achievement to be rich if your legacy doesn’t also include substance.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to have the kind of money to insulate me and my family against crisis. Knowing I could write a check for whatever we needed to safeguard our health and safety would be my idea of ultimate security. But I’m not after fancy cars or a mansion or designer shoes. And I’m willing to sacrifice a lot of luxuries in favor of integrity. I’d rather make a mark on my community than make a buck.

America is not a reality show with cash prizes. It’s a society, a community. We do – or we should – have a responsibility to look after more than our bank accounts once we’ve taken care of our own basic needs. As I’ve said before, if the plane depressurizes, by all means put your own oxygen mask on first but then check to see if the person next to you needs help with theirs. Sitting back and breathing deeply while your neighbor gasps is inhumane if you could help them get air.

The rest of the post is right here at The Broad Side.

As always when I get fired up about people spewing MOAR MONEY sentiments, I am reminded of my own civic responsibility. So Palin’s exhortation to get off my butt spurs me to give a buck to people who need it. Which might be the first really positive impact Palin has ever had.

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1 comment for “New at The Broad Side: Sarah Palin’s Commencement Advice is All Wrong

  1. JoJo
    August 12, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    You’re full of it woman if you think she’s wrong for telling kids they have to work for what they want instead of just sitting around waiting for others to do work and give them handouts! Save your buck… I’ve worked a full week so I’m sure others are benefiting from my tax deduction! I’ll take what little is left and try to make it stretch so others can sit on their ass!
    I’ve read some of your other posts and I think you are a disgrace to the female gender!! Goodbye!!!!!

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