Mother’s Day At Mommyland!

NB&RANTSmanifesto copyOK, you all know that I love the women at Rants from Mommyland like I love cake. I especially love when they use their powers for good and do these amazing service projects. Right now, they’re working with Naughty Betty and Sweet Relish to raise money for Shelter House, a local organization helping homeless women and women escaping violent homes. And they’re doing it with (free) funny Mother’s Day cards. Booyah! Here are details (stolen from RFML because I’m too lazy to set up links right now):

You know how we get a little crazy with our Give it Up projects? Well guess what we’re doing now? We partnered up with Naughty Betty (the world’s most awesome gift and greeting card company) to make a series of Mother’s Day eCards for the Real World. Remember the Valentines for the Real World? These are like those only a million times more awesome.

Because for every time you share these eCards get on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, our buddies at Sweet will donate money to Shelter House  — up to $10,000. Shelter House provides safe haven and services for families struggling with homelessness and domestic violence. If you want to find out more about the project, you can also read the back story here.

Bad. Ass. All it takes is some clicking, which you’re already doing if you’re reading blogs right now, and some women who need the help get a big fat check. So click! CLICK!

Here are some of the best cards:




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