New At The Broad Side: One Mother’s Repsonse To The NRA’s National School Shield Proposal

The NRA released their “MOAR GUNS FR EVVERBODY!” plan related to their ideas about school safety yesterday. I think most of it sucks. (Shocker, right?). I’m sounding off about the whole awful thing at The Broad Side today:

Children are not safe in an environment with guns. Guns are far more likely to be used in a homicide, suicide, or accident than in defense. Even in the hands of law enforcement, guns injure innocent people. Approximately 20,000 children per year are treated for gun injuries. Guns are not safe around children no matter who is carrying them. This is my conviction. I will not accept criticism.

If by some twist of fate, my children were slated to attend a school with armed personnel – even a single armed security guard – I would refuse to allow them in the building. Instead, I would meet with the ACLU and the Brady Campaign. I would confer with attorneys and educators and health and safety researchers. And I would bring a lawsuit against my state. I wouldn’t seek to disarm school personnel or take guns away from private owners. I understand the Second Amendment. No, I would sue for tuition to the private school of my choice on the grounds that my local school is incapable of providing a safe environment due to the presence of guns on the campus. I would call the media about my suit. I would write letters to editors, to teachers unions, to NIH and the CDC. I would shout my case from the rooftops, make as much noise as a mother who hates guns is able to make. I might be ridiculed. I might lose. But I would not permit my children to cross the threshold of a school in which there were armed personnel. Children are not safe around guns.

Click on over to read the whole piece at The Broad Side!

P.S. Yes, I know how many of my posts have been link-bait to my writing at other sites. I’m sorry. My time management have been poor lately and I’m unable to meet all my obligations elsewhere and do a whole lot of original content here as well. I’m going to try to do better.

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