New on Babble: My Baby’s Letter to Santa

My baby has a few Christmas wishes of her own, apparently. She’s detailed them on Babble today!

Anyway, Santa, I’m going to hit the big 6 months the day after Christmas and it’s time I got to roll with the big homies, ya know? My brother isn’t the only kid in town anymore and I expect equal treatment under the Christmas law. So, I’m appending a short list of requests that I hope you’ll consider.

  1. The Ability to Crawl: I can get from sitting to my stomach but then some sort of force field stops me. I’m not sure what the problem is but, no matter how much I wave my arms and legs, I don’t go anywhere. I suspect it’s some of those super-villains from the cartoons my brother watches interfering. I’ll need you to defeat them,

  2. A Real Meal: You should see the stuff my mom eats! Indian food, pasta dishes, meat loaf and baked potatoes. The scent is enough to make you weep with desire! But does she share? No. She eats her meals while I stare at every bite and practically hyperventilate. Then she tries to shove some kind of insipid banana mush into my mouth. No way, Jose. I want a steak, Santa, and I want it soon.

Read the whole letter at Babble!

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