New at The Broad Side: Is There A War On Men?

Hey y’all. This is going to be quick and possibly weird because I’m writing this while watching my baby fuss herself into a nap. She didn’t want to sleep in my lap and now she’s thrashing around in her crib. I don’t even know.

Anyway, my current preoccupation with my baby’s deteriorating sleep quality were briefly interrupted by FoxNews who decided to publish an opinion piece called The War On Men. Seeing as I’m a strident feminist, I was surprised to hear there was a war on men that I hadn’t been invited to. I mean, I am a CLASSIC ball buster, right? Anyways, the piece is probably a page view bonanza for Fox because anything with that inflammatory a title is going to generate clicks from liberals and conservatives alike.

Anyway, I wrote about it at the Broad Side. Here’s an excerpt and a link and I must deal with the sobbing baby now. Gah!

Venker’s op-ed is the usual anti-feminist think piece with lots of hand-wringing about how men have been left out in the cold by the feminist revolution and are mad that women don’t want them to follow their biological directive to hunt, gather, and protect a family. As a result, they’re turning their back on marriage, which they can do because of all the sex women are wiling to have without being married. In other words, if women would stop being such castrating bitches and let a man take care of them, everyone would be happier!

Also, women are slutty.

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1 comment for “New at The Broad Side: Is There A War On Men?

  1. Lauren
    December 4, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    The link for that FoxNews piece was making the rounds on FB this weekend. All I could think was, “Yawn! Another tired revisiting of how the terrible bad feminists have made life worse for everyone with their expectations of wretched things like equality.”

    Also, what is with these nap-resistant babies?! I’ve got one over here, too.

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