25 Things for Which I Am Thankful

1. My son
2. My daughter
3. My husband
4. Our extended family
5. Our collective health and well-being
6. Everyone who donated to help Mikey’s family get back on their feet after Hurricane Sandy
7. Coffee
8. That, once again, an American election led to a peaceful transfer of power
9. Being able to give back to my community
10. My son’s amazing preschool
11. The opportunities I’ve gotten to write professionally
12. Abundant access to safe food and clean water
13. The roof over our heads
14. My communities of friends, both online and in person
15. Wine
16. My husband’s job
17. That Hostess waited to go bankrupt until after I got the Wonder Bread for the stuffing
18. Baby snuggles
19. My safe neighborhood
20. The provisions in Obamacare that mean my children will never be denied health insurance because of preexisting conditions
21. Chocolate
22. Good books
23. That I’ve been successful breastfeeding both of my children
24. The freedom to say my piece
25. All of you – thank you for reading

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1 comment for “25 Things for Which I Am Thankful

  1. Amy
    November 21, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    THankful list had everything in it.
    THankful to twitter so that I could find people like you. Smart, funny and beautiful inside and out.

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