Questions I’d Ask The Candidates Tonight

Questions for Mitt Romney:

We’re confused: do you like Romneycare or not? If not, why?

How do you defend private sector wage stagnation?

Come clean on abortion. You’re going to piss someone off no matter what. At least be straightforward and honest.

Why won’t you release your tax records?

If I can’t afford college – even a cheap one after I’ve shopped around like you suggested – and my parents don’t have money to loan me for school, what should I do? Can I ask you for money?

Cite historic evidence that your supply-side philosophy of economics works.

Why don’t you support same sex unions? And don’t mention your god. This is America. We worships lots of gods here. Some support marriage equality. Your god doesn’t automatically win.

Why do you even want to be president?

Questions for Barack Obama:

How much of your approach to Libya has been informed by the election and your wish to present a certain image on foreign policy?

Are you going to be able to be as effective on foreign policy without Hillary?

Why are you being a pussy on the Defense of Marriage Act? Repeal it by executive order.

Will you strongarm Congress into reauthorizing No Child Left Behind to codify the waiver system you put into place so states can get out from under the testing requirements?

2014. Out of Afghanistan and full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. No backing down, right?

Can you stop pretending that you dictate tax policy? The power to tax belongs to Congress not the President.

Seriously, out of Afghanistan by 2014. No fooling. Get out. It’s a black hole of lives and money.

Ya know, FDR put the New Deal in place through executive order. Just sayin’…

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  1. October 17, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Executive Order!

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