New on Babble: Diaper Prices: A Rant

Betcha thought I’d be talking about Mitt and his binder full of women today, huh? I probably will. Later. Right now I’m losing my shit over another feminist issue: the price of diapers.

What the what, you’re thinking? Well, here’s the root of my problem:

Maybe you’ve noticed this too. You start out buying newborn diapers and there are, like, a zillion of them in the pack. You go through them like Grant through Richmond so it’s good that there are so many in the pack. Then your baby grows and goes up a size in diapers. Your baby is also pooping less (yes!) so you don’t need as many diapers. And yet, you still seem to run out just as fast. Why? Because there are fewer diapers in the pack!

And…wait for it…you paid the same price as you did for the pack of smaller size diapers even though you were buying fewer diapers.

This is something that has been making me spit pea soup over since my son was born. Why am I paying the same amount for fewer diapers? Why does my diaper expenditure not decrease as my diaper usage decreases? Why have moms not risen up in collective rage over this? Why hasn’t there been a Congressional investigation into extortionate diaper pricing? Why are diaper manufacturers such dicks about pricing even when one in three families have trouble affording diapers? Why, why, why?

How is this a feminist issue? Well, who’s buying the most diapers? Couples – where the woman probably does most of the buying – and single women. Diaper prices affect moms. And moms deserve to pay less when they buy less, doncha think?

I don’t know how to fix this issue (and don’t bring up the glories of cloth diapering because I’m not interested in doing that. I’m interested in consumer fairness) so all I’m doing for now is ranting about it. Check it all out at Babble!

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