New on Babble: Why I Hide My Kids From The Internet

This is not a typical mom blog. It’s a blog, and I’m a mom but the topics you see here are only mom-related in that they’re what’s on this particular mom’s mind. It’s also almost complete bare of pictures of my kids. That’s a hard and fast policy of mine. I have very good reasons for that and I’m sharing them on Babble today:

Part of the reason for that is safety. I don’t know who’s out there looking for cute baby pictures. I’m sure the majority are just normal people looking for some chubby cheeks and a toothless grin to brighten their day. But what if some weirdo took a shine to those chubby cheeks and started commandeering the pictures for a personal collection? What if, through the magic of a right click and some Photoshop know-how, someone changed my baby’s pictures, made them into something dark or dirty and distributed them? What if they sold the image and it wound up on another blog, or a billboard, or a child porn site?

Or what if they came looking for the real thing?

Read the rest of the post, including some other online safety tips I share (e.g. I own the domains of my kids’ names), over at Babble!




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