New on Babble: Formula and Feminsm

Over on Babble today I’m taking on New York Observer writer Stephanie Fairyington’s contention that breastfeeding is anti-feminst in that it forces women to be  “shackled to their corporeal destinies”.

Yep. Corporeal destiny. She made no mention of shitty parental leave policies, unequal pay for women, or the exorbitant cost of daycare as being issues. Apparently only breastfeeding lights her fire.

Here’s a little taste of the goods I lay out:

I got to the end of the piece and had two thoughts. The first was that yes, we probably do need better baby formula. Making any food source for any population better is always a good goal. My second thought was that Ms. Fairyington is talking from a place of incomplete knowledge because she has neither been pregnant or parented.

I know. I know! I sound like a tongue-clucking asshole who’s saying “Oh, sweetie, when you have a baby of your own, you’ll feel differently!”. I hate that! But, it may be true. Nothing in my experience has been as transformative as becoming a mother and I know I threw some previously held positions out the window after I got into the weeds of parenting and my perspective changed. It’s easy to be academic about everything baby-related when babies are simply academic. But when it’s your baby in your arms? Well, suddenly everything gets really REAL, ya know?

As for her point about breastfeeding being anti-feminist, I resent that implication because this? Right here? This mom raising two kids to respect all people, regardless of gender, race, ability, religion, or sexual orientation? This woman who knows the issues facing women, talks about them publicly and, oh yeah, VOTES? This is what a feminist looks like, yo. My breasts having nothing to do with it. Breastfeeding is just a personal choice.

I keep on ranting after that so click on over to Babble and read the rest!


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2 comments for “New on Babble: Formula and Feminsm

  1. September 7, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    As always, well said!

  2. thislady
    September 8, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    breastfeeding can also make a woman feel powerful. who else can naturally produce enough food to nourish a human being? that thought alone is huge. also, what is the point of arguing feminist views with nature and evolution?

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