What I’m Reading: How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran

Y’all. I don’t often use the phrase “you NEED TO read this book” but seriously. You NEED TO read this book. It’s called How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran and it’s making me indescribably happy.

Moran is a columnist for The Times in the UK which makes me very, very jealous of the British for being able to read her new material weekly. After I finish this book, I’ll be combing their archives to soak up more of the wit and wisdom of this smart, funny writer. I might actually go to England and sit on her doorstep and beg her to go to the pub with me. I want her to be my best friend.

How To Be a Woman is part the memoir of a woman who came of age as a creative type in the age of Grunge and part feminist manifesto. A strident feminist manifesto, even. Moran describes herself as a strident feminist and I’m going to adopt the term for myself. She reframes feminism as a cause for the modern era, dispensing with the first-wave-second-wave-third-wave definitions that only serve to make feminists reject other feminists for not being feminist enough. She describes feminism as existing in two parts: do you have a vagina and do you want to be in charge of it. If the answer to those questions is yes, you are a feminist.

You see why I want to be friends with her? It’s just so damn simple, clear, and right when you put it that way.

I’m not actually done with the book yet but since her chapter on Why You Should Have Children left me limp with emotion, I thought I needed to share with all of you sooner rather than later. This book is a rare treat and will make you laugh and think all at once. Go get a copy and enjoy!

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