25 Things I Want My Son To Know

I did a post about things I want my daughter to know recently so I felt that I should do one for my son too. This is a little more tailored to him personally because, well, I know him better. I’ve had four and a half years to get to know him whereas I only met my daughter seven weeks ago.

1. Treat every woman the way you want people to treat your little sister.
2. Actually, treat EVERYONE the way you want people to treat your little sister.
3. Being good at sports is not as important as being a good sport.
4. Put the seat down. Every time.
5. Yes, you can pierce your ears someday.
6. The dating advice Hermione gives Harry in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is some of the best out there. Pay attention to it if you read that series.
7. Showing affection to those you care about will always be a good choice.
8. Sometimes people will not want to play with you. It sucks but you can’t change their minds.
9. Write thank you notes.
10. Listen.
11. The only time a person’s sexual orientation matters is if you’re asking them out.
12. Choose your friends for their wit, kindness, and compassion.
13. Hone your wit, kindness, and compassion in order to be a desirable friend.
14. Hold the door for everyone.
15. You will grow up to be a white man in America. This is pure luck, not an indication that you’re better than anyone else. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
16. Motorcycles are not that cool.
17. It’s ok to like pink.
18. There is a time and a place for fart jokes. The dinner table is not that time and place.
19. One day, your sister will envy you your long, gorgeous eyelashes. Please don’t rub it in.
20. I know sports will always be your favorite thing but I’m going to make you do your homework first. I’ll apologize for that the day you’re hired as a Sports Center anchor and not a moment before.
21. No means no. When you hear it and when you say it.
22. Be more like your dad than like me. Not because you’re both male; because he’s the better person.
23. Drinking good beer makes you look interesting but being a beer snob makes you a tool. Embrace the occasional Miller High Life.
24. Keep your fingernails clean.
25. I love you.

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3 comments for “25 Things I Want My Son To Know

  1. August 19, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    Also, flush. Every time.

    Man I love this.

  2. August 19, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    I loved the one for your daughter; this one is golden for me to use with my boys.

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