25 Economic Issues That Women Think About

Well. Haven’t we had ourselves a little tizzy about what women think this week? The media, armchair pundits in social media space, politicians, candidates, they were all sounding off on Hilary Rosen, Ann Romney, working moms, stay at home moms, rich moms, poor moms, Mommy Wars, War on Women, War on Moms, partisan rancor. We hit all the high notes. We staged an epic media battle over who is the best representative for women with economic concerns: political analysts or aspiring First Ladies. Everyone looks bad. Everyone is upset. AND NOT ONE FUCKING ECONOMIC ISSUE FACING AMERICAN FAMILIES WAS SOLVED.

I’m taking upon myself to compile a (partial) list of the kinds of economic issues women consider every day. If there is anyone out there with the brains and balls to help solve any of these issues – most of which hinge on job security – they are welcome to step up and get to solving. Everyone else? Should shut up until they can be part of the solution.

  1. Paying for housing
  2. Paying for childcare
  3. Paying for gas
  4. Paying for car insurance
  5. Paying for the car
  6. Paying for food
  7. Paying for utilities
  8. Paying for medical care
  9. How to pay for medical care if insurance is inadequate
  10. How to pay for insurance if employer-based coverage vanishes
  11. Paying for clothing and shoes
  12. Paying for any special services kids need
  13. Paying off old student loans
  14. Paying off credit card debt
  15. Contributing to all the fund-raisers at the kids’ schools to help make up for cuts to school budgets
  16. Paying for extracurricular programs for the kids
  17. Paying for support services for aging parents
  18. Paying for travel costs to visit aging parents
  19. Paying for something fun for the family to do every once in a while
  20. Paying for birthday and holiday gifts
  21. Paying for repairs around the house or on the car
  22. Saving for retirement
  23. Saving for the kids’ schooling
  24. Saving for emergencies
  25. How to pay for anything at all if one earner in the family loses their job
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  1. April 13, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Good list. It would be refreshing for those with the power to help talk about them

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