At The Borad Side: Losing The War For Reproductive Rights

I’m over at The Broad Side this week with an oldie but goodie. I dusted off a post I wrote a year ao about the inevitability of losing the war for women’s reproductive rights:

The anti-abortion movement instead operates on dreams of saving apple-cheeked infants who will warm the heart of even the most reluctant prospective mother.  They promote a morality of abstinence, which even the staunchest pro-choice advocate will admit is a fail-safe contraceptive. They play to the heartstrings of the undecided voters with their calls for pity for the lives of the unborn. They protect the potential lives of the unborn, not realizing (or not caring) that they may be jeopardizing the lives of the already-born. They take the mountain of the high moral ground and stake their claim in defense of the innocent, whereas those of us who support abortion rights are standing on a molehill begging for consideration of the women who could easily be painted as guilty.

They are going to win. And women are going to start dying.

Read the whole post over at The Broad Side!

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