Round Up: A Week of Crazy

Hi (she whimpers plaintively)! This week has been…um…nutso. Not for me, so much. But for the right wing. They’ve apparently decided that the group to marginalize this political (silly) season is women. For a few cycles it was gay people but Teh Gays refuse to vanish quietly into a drag bar and kept demanding equal rights and getting them! (I’m looking at you Washington State!). So, I guess without the gays to kick around, the far right has decided to go after women by parking themselves in our uteruses and trying to monitor their intake and output. Small government, indeed.

I got pretty snippy about this here at my blog and announced that Women’s Health Is More Than The Abortion Wars. I also voiced my disapproval of Ron Paul trying to define acceptable rape in This Week in WTF: Honest Rape? I finally lost my shit altogether over at The Broad Side with The Politics of Women’s Choices: Let Women Choose.

Ironically, all the while I was railing about preserving the rights to contraception and abortion, I was also continuing to write about pregnancy at Babble’s Being Pregnant blog. I created a series of Motivational Posters for Pregnant Women, confessed that I Suck At My Second Pregnancy, got candid about Pregnancy After A LEEP,  shared some Funny Maternity T-Shirts and a Blinged Out Pacifier, then circled back to reproductive health with a news story that shows A Surprising Percentage of Young People Believe They’re Infertile.

I would appreciate it if, next week, politicians could get their minds out of my pants so I can write about something else, like the new season of Khloe and Lamar or what I’d like to be eating. Is that too much to ask?

Don’t answer that.

Have a great weekend!

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