Round ‘Em On Up!

Boy howdy, has this been a busy week for me! I’ve been all over the interwebs talking my fool head off. Often before I should have because I’m finding that I’m reversing myself on second consideration of a few things.

I started there week off here at home, trying to get my head around new regs that force religious universities to add contraception coverage to their employee and student health plans. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea at first, but when smart readers reminded me about the amount of federal funding schools get, I started to rethink my position.

I weighed in on the Komen/Planned Parenthood controversy at The Broad Side. Based on my personal experience with Komen’s staff,  I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that the decision had to do with institutional needs and not political agendas. Given that they reversed the decision today under public pressure, I suspect I was wrong and they were trying to make a political statement, one that backfired on them.

I did a profile of a DC area mom-preneur who’s got a great new line of accessories for kids at The DC Moms. Bonus: there’s a giveaway!

Finally, I got all kinds of prolific at Being Pregnant at Babble. I wrote about my pregnant celebrity BFF, new evidence of smoking risks when pregnant, a boob truck in Pittsburgh for breastfeeding awareness, high fiber foods, and onsies with some really whack slogans.

Now, while you catch up an everything I’ve done, I’m going t collapse from literary exhaustion. Have a great weekend!


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