I’m At Babble: My (Imaginary) Pregnant Celebrity BFF

Today is my first post at Babble’s Being Pregnant blog! Please go read it because they think I have lots of fans. Also, it’s a funny post about how I feel like Kourtney Kardashian is a my friend because were both pregnant.

I’ve been all excited about Kourtney’s second pregnancy since she and boyfriend Scott Disick announced it. She is about as many weeks along as I am! She also has a little boy already! I watch her on TV every week! That makes us totally besties, right? We can text each other and compare weight gain and bitch about maternity clothes! Yay! I have a pregnant friend!

Except for the part where I don’t know Kourtney Kardashian at all and she’d hire a lawyer to serve me with scary papers if I tried sending her pregnancy comparison messages.

Read the rest at Babble!

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