New DC Moms Post: HPV: Vaccine, Politics, and Reality

Hey y’all! Because I seem to be on a roll for writing more at other sites than my own, here’s another little linky-link to a piece I did on The DC Moms. I’m weighing in on the weird Bachmann-generated controversy about HPV vaccines.

There are a lot of myths, prejudices and fears being passed around in this discussion of Gardisil, the HPV vaccine in question. There are those who oppose vaccines in general. There are those who oppose Gardisil on the grounds that a vaccine preventing a sexually transmitted disease promotes promiscuity. There are those who fear government mandates on health matters. There are those who believe that vaccines cause irreparable harm. This discussion touches on all of those fears and suspicions and is likely to enhance them.

What this discussion is failing to do is foster a valuable and important reminder to women about their cervical health. And while I can’t verify the facts of Governor Perry’s relationship with Merck or Representative Bachmann’s conversation with the mother of a Gardisil recipient, I can share some important facts about Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), cervical cancer, and the HPV vaccine.

Check out the whole post over at The DC Moms!

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1 comment for “New DC Moms Post: HPV: Vaccine, Politics, and Reality

  1. Stephanie
    September 17, 2011 at 10:32 am

    Young Girls/ women today should b incredibly grateful that they hav the ability to get a vaccine for the health of there cervix..unfornutly I am passed the cut off age but truly wish that it had been available to me when I was young..Giving the vaccine to young women helps teach them how to b responsible for there own wellbeing.

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