Special Saturday Announcement Post: Sister Wives!

You know how you start a blog and go on Twitter and meet another mom who has started a blog and you Tweet and email and IM all the time because she inconveniently lives in Texas and you realize you’re probably soulmates and if either one of you were gay it could get kind of awkward? That’s me and Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy. We’re like LaVerne and Shirley. Or Oscar and Felix. Or Kate and Lydia though we often have fights over who gets to be Lydia because being Kate means shaving our legs.

Because we are so psychically in tune we are going to attempt to do a joint blog covering the Sister Wives special on Sunday night.   Basically when we watch this kind of ridiculousness, we email each other our running commentary anyway.  We actually kind of do that just at random, too, which is how we came up with the idea.

To give you an idea of exactly how technologically disordered we really are, as well as how insane our stream of consciousness is, we thought we should share this actual Instant Message stream where we decide this is some kind of good idea. Also, I am really glad that both the health care reform law and mental health coverage parity law passed already because I’m pretty sure this conversation would be considered a pre-existing condition. Also evidence that I should have taken typing instead of voice in high school.

SRMM: Yeah, Uggs in hot weather are the female equivalent of Ed Hardy shirts.
MIAM: Ooo, speaking of Ed hardy shirts, there’s going to be a 1 hour interveiw show with the Sister Eives on Sunday!
SRMM: Squee!  One of my readers lives in Utah. I told her she should dress her kids as Kody and the wives for Halloween.
MIAM: The only problem is I’m supposed to be boycotting TLC because they’re showing Sarah Palin’s reality show/campaign special thing.  But I think I should watch anyway.  For science.
SRMM: Obviously we’re going to HAVE to watch the Sister Wives thing. I think your boycott allows for TiVo, no?
MIAM: Maybe I’ll live blog it.
SRMM: I’ve always wanted to “live blog”. Doesn’t it require additional software?  OH, DUDE. You and I should do a back-and-forth live blog.  Or does that require some kind of additional software?
MIAM: No, when we did the MommyLand After Dark: The T-Box Taste Test, Lydia wrote the outline then just added in the comments on the wine and kept hitting “update”.
SRMM: Like, just email each other our comments and then format it as a blog for later.  Wait, Blogger has “update”?
MIAM: Doesn’t it? Like when you edit a post and republish it?
SRMM: Oh, yeah, it’s “publish”. Although then it loads fresh in everyone’s email over and over. Which probably annoys the hell out of people in the morning.
MIAM: Oh. I wonder if that happens with WordPress too. Maybe live blogging is a bad idea.
SRMM: Crap, what time is it on though? We have trick-or-treating Sunday, of course.
MIAM: 10 p.m., I think.
SRMM: Ohhh sweet. That is awesomely 9 p.m. here.
MIAM: Is that after bedtime?
SRMM: Yeah, the kids are down by then. Especially with Cookie now on Clonidine. ::zonk::
MIAM: Maybe it could be a drinking game! Everytime one of the wives cries, drink! Do a tequila shot whenever Kody cries!
SRMM: Bahahahahahaha!  Ooooooh, that, or we could live Tweet it.  We could “host” a tweet party.
MIAM: Yes! Live Tweeting! Then publish the Twitter stream!
SRMM: GAAHHHHHH you’re a genius.  What’s the hashtag? #SWDG? (Sister Wives Drinking Game?)
MIAM: Wait. I strongly suspect a Twitter party will be beyond my abilities. Especially if I’m drinking.  Which seems important if I’m going to watch Kody for an hour.
Hmm.  Yeah.  We might be too stupid to do that.  It might look something like this:
MIAM: OMG. I just thought of an amazing reality show: Sister Wife Swap.
SRMM: It’s amazing that we’re not running the networks. Also? I think we’ve already written a post here. ::cutting and pasting::
MIAM: It’s amazing we’re not running the world.

So keep an eye out next week for an amazing post with more of the earth-shattering BRILLIANCE you just saw here. Because me + SRMM + Sister Wives + booze = AWESOME!

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