I’m at Rants from Mommyland Today!

Kate and Lydia at Rants from Mommyland are like the Jimmy Choo of funny blogs. I am like the Target shoe department of funny blogs – not nearly as fancy or shiny. Which is is why it’s so nice that they let me guest post for them.  I suspect they agreed to this so they could have a break from writing hilariously to continue potting world domination. They recently became bloggers at the Huffington Post and they were on tv twice last week. And neither of those times were appearances on Cops. Because they are not felons. I’ve actually met and gotten drunk with the two of them and can tell you that they are categorically awesome.

In an act of incredible niceness and at great risk of bringing the quality of their blog down a notch, they let me sound off about the bizzarro universe presented to us by parenting magazines. A universe in which cupcakes become vehicles for vegetables and indoor playspaces need swings.


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