OMG!!!!! Lindsey Vohn skied!!!

She did! She skied even though her…uh…shin…is…uh…

OK, I admit it.  I don’t know who Lindsey Vonh is.  But all the news outlets I pay attention to are yammering away about her today and I feel like I should be more excited about her shin, her practice runs, and medal prospects.  I’m not, though.  I’m not excited about the Olympics at all, though I’ll probably sob out loud while watching the opening ceremonies tonight because I always sob out loud during the opening ceremonies.

Truth is, I know almost nothing about sports anymore.  I used to know lots and lots about college football, a little about pro football and enough about college basketball* to know why the Great Guy I married did or didn’t want to talk about his alma mater’s prospects in March. I was aware of the overall performance of the pro baseball, basketball and hockey teams in my area to sound like I was invested in our city in the sports sense of the word.

But since C. entered out lives, I have not been able to follow sports with the same fever as in latter days.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve watched a single Ohio State football game form start to finish since he’s been born.  I even scheduled a family photo shoot during the second half of the Michigan game this year, an offense that might get my Ohio State MA yanked. Once he’s old enough to start telling me what I need to know about sports again, I’ll get back up to speed but for now, there aren’t enough hours in the week for me to work, take care of my kid, take care of my house, watch HGTV and Big Love, troll the internet for home decorating ideas AND stay informed about sports.

And if I can’t pay attention to my favorite team playing my favorite sport, how can I reasonably be expected to know the names of Olympic skiers and the status of their shins.  (And a shin injury?  From being banged with a boot?  Whatever.) I’m as athletically patriotic as the next girl and I want the US to wins lots of shiny medals and so on and so forth but I’m not prepared to pretend that I am on intimate terms with most of the athletes and their life stories.

At least until NBC starts running soft-focus, heartwarming profiles of them during the opening ceremonies tonight.  Then I’ll get suckered in and tearfully cheer for them as they curl or whatever.

* I don’t like watching basketball.  It’s not because I don’t enjoy or appreciate the sport.  It’s because I can’t stand the sound of the sneakers squeaking on the wooden floors.  With all the other technological advances in athletic wear, can’t they come up with a non-squeaky sneaker?

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